Life Members

The Berwick LAC would like to honour the following individuals as life members for their exceptional contributions to the growth and development of Berwick Village Little Athletics, culminating in the establishment of the current Berwick Little Athletics Centre:

  • Rod Clutterbuck
  • Julie McEwan
  • Paul Olsson
  • Fedir Woskoboenko
  • Andrew Prosser
  • Sue Munro
  • Gary Westwick
  • Andrea Hallett
  • Chris Nelson
  • Michael Wallace
  • Shane Triffitt
  • Vicki Smith
  • Bob Hallett
  • Rod Prime
  • Liz Triffitt
  • Steve Godfrey
  • Stuart Merrick
  • Kim Tonna
  • Steve Woolfe
  • Rob Jamieson
  • Michelle Laws
  • Kevin Harris
  • Dan Langelaan
  • Elizabeth Thomson
  • Kylie Wilson

These individuals have made significant contributions to the growth and success of our organization, and we are grateful for their unwavering dedication.

Life members Rob Jamieson, Michelle Laws, Shane Triffitt, Liz Triffitt, Paul Olsson, Stuart Merrick, and Steve Woolfe