Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Berwick Little Athletics?

Berwick Little Athletics places a strong emphasis on various key aspects, including fun, active participation, skill development, technique refinement, and fostering family engagement in healthy physical activities. What sets this sport apart is its focus on values over winning; it’s about creating a nurturing environment for families to enjoy, have fun, stay fit, and strive for personal improvement.

What Is Little Athletics?

As the name suggests, Little Athletics is built upon the foundation of athletics, encompassing track and field events as well as cross-country running. It offers a diverse range of events such as sprints, hurdles, middle distance, race walking, relays, shot put, discus, javelin, long jump, triple jump, and high jump. These events are tailored to suit children’s ages, developmental stages, and abilities. Little Athletics serves as the fundamental training ground for all sports, as the skills acquired here are transferable to various athletic pursuits.

What Age Can My Child Attend Little Athletics?

Children aged between five (5) and sixteen (16) years old are eligible to register. Your child can join as soon as they celebrate their 5th birthday, even if it’s partway through the season.

What Does Little Athletics Cost?

Participation in Little Athletics costs just $200 per child for the entire year, covering both the track and field (summer) and cross-country (winter) seasons. Families with multiple children may enjoy discounts. If you opt for only the cross-country (winter) season, the cost is approximately half of the full-season fee.

What Is Track and Field (Summer) Season?

The track and field season primarily focuses on track events (running and hurdles at various distances) and field events (throwing and jumping). It commences in early October and concludes at the end of March, spanning approximately 20 weeks that coincide with School Terms 4 and 1.

What Is Cross Country (Winter) Season?

Cross country running involves distances ranging from 500m to 3000m, depending on your child’s age. This season runs from April through to August, corresponding to School Terms 2 and 3. The courses feature a variety of terrains, including grass, trails, open country, hills, flat ground, and sometimes gravel roads or muddy paths. Cross country season offers an excellent opportunity to keep children active during winter and build a strong fitness foundation.

My Child Is Not Sporty; Can They Still Attend?

Absolutely! Little Athletics welcomes children of all skill levels and fitness abilities. Our primary focus is on fostering a sense of family, fun, and fitness. Children receive ample encouragement to achieve personal bests (PBs). Little Athletics recognizes that children come in various shapes and sizes with different athletic abilities, making it one of the few sports that can cater to all.

Can My Child Try It Before I Register/Pay?

Certainly! We encourage all children to give athletics a try to see if they enjoy it. Every athlete is entitled to two (2) free trial sessions, and if they decide to continue, they can then proceed with registration.

What Involvement Is Required from Parents?

Little Athletics operates entirely through the efforts of volunteers, which includes parents who contribute to various essential tasks. These responsibilities may involve assisting at events, managing an age group, recording results, working in the canteen, among other roles. Little Athletics provides a unique opportunity for parents to actively engage in their child’s sporting pursuits. Each parent is expected to fulfill ten (10) duties per season. Sign Up Genius is used to manage key duties, such as canteen helper, finish line helper, and track setup, which count as two duties. Parents who choose to help with a specific age group will receive one duty. For those unable to assist during the program or on the track, there are alternative ways to contribute, such as washing vests or entering results. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please don’t hesitate to ask.

When Is Berwick Little Athletics Held?

For the track and field season, events take place on Saturday mornings, with warm-ups starting at 8:15 am and events commencing promptly at 8:30 am. Friday Twilights begin at 6:00 pm sharp, with younger age groups receiving priority during these events. Cross country programs are scheduled for Saturday mornings, starting at 9:00 am and concluding by 10:00 am.

Where Is Little Athletics Located?

Berwick Little Athletics is conducted at Edwin Flack Reserve, located on Manuka Road in Berwick.

What Do I Need to Bring?

To participate, all your child needs to bring is their uniform, running shoes, a water bottle, a hat, and sunscreen.

Does My Child Need to Attend Every Week?

While we encourage regular participation, attendance is not mandatory. We understand that families have other commitments, so it’s perfectly acceptable for children to miss weeks, leave early, or arrive late.

How Many Activities Will My Child Do Each Week?

During the track and field season, there are five events offered each week. Cross country typically involves one run per child, although some athletes choose to participate in multiple races.

Does My Child Need a Uniform?

While trying out Little Athletics, your child doesn’t need a uniform. However, once registered, they are required to wear the official uniform.

Can I Leave My Child at Little Athletics?

While Little Athletics provides a safe environment, it is essential for a parent or guardian to be present at all times during the sessions.

How Do I Know What Age Group My Child Should Be In?

Your child’s age group is determined by their age as of December 31st.

Will My Child’s Results Be Recorded?

All results are recorded online at You can log in to track your child’s progress and see how many personal bests (PBs) they have achieved.

When Is Training?

Training sessions are held on Tuesday & Thursday nights from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Additional training sessions may be scheduled, so please check the website or Facebook for details.

Is Training Compulsory?

Training is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended. Attending training, even occasionally, helps athletes focus on improving their event techniques.

What Are Centre Championships?

Centre Championships are the only competitive program of the year. Athletes can select up to five events and receive ribbons or medals based on their performance. Centre Championships typically take place toward the end of the season, and parents must complete a minimum number of parent duties throughout the season before enrolling their child for this event.