Parent Duty

Each family (irrespective of how many athletes from your family compete) is required to perform Parent Duty roles during the season (except Age Group Managers).

IMPORTANT: Each family must complete a minimum 10 duties for the season, Sign Up Genius Duties are worth 2 duties and Age Group Helper is worth 1 duty.

Berwick Little Aths uses an on-line portal ( where families can select the duty role for their Parent Duty. If you don’t select these you must help with an Age Group. This portal will be available at the start of the week of each program.

Berwick Little Aths understands that it is difficult for some families to volunteer due to extenuating circumstances.  If you are one of those families, or if you have any questions regarding volunteering, please contact

We don’t expect any person to be an expert or to have any previous experience. However, it is expected that parents will help out when required, so that the many tasks to be done on the day are done by many, not just a few

Parents that are on (Sign Up Genius) duty are required to sign in with the centre duty officer. The duty officer will be located at the front of the pavilion at the table near track entrance. Parents who wish to assist with an Age Group will need to see the Age Group Manager and get a vest (please note this is limited to 5 helpers) so if you miss out you are not allowed inside the fence, and this is a first come first served basis.

When on duty please arrive 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the Duty.

We will provide assistance to all officials and parents who are willing to help the athletes complete their events. So please join in the Centre’s activities with your children by offering to help each week. Helping at a field event is a great introduction to official duties and puts you right in the middle of the action

VESTS – If you do not have a vest you are NOT ALLOWED to be inside the fence on the track. Vest Colors are as follows Age Group Leader – Orange, Age Group Helper – Yellow, Sign Up Genius Helper – Purple, Committee – Light Blue, First Aid – Green, Competition – Pink Shirt.

Please note: You can not take part in Centre Championships until you Parent Duties are completed. Points and PBs for achievement awards may not be awarded to an athlete where their family does not attend duty.

The LAVic website lists a number of online resources aimed at supporting parents & volunteers to assist in running the events at their weekly Little Athletics Competitions. Resources include videos, event cards and downloadable documents.

Click here to go to the resources.