Berwick Multi Event

Berwick Multi-Event, Supported by South East Accountants

The Berwick Little Athletics Multi-Event, proudly sponsored by South East Accountants, is an exciting athletic competition that mirrors the spirit of the Decathlon and Heptathlon in Little Athletics. The Multi-Event brings together athletes to showcase their skills in various disciplines, including running, jumping, and throwing. Participants earn points based on their performance in each discipline, irrespective of their final placement. These points are then tallied to determine a cumulative score.

At the Center Level, Berwick employs the Alberta Points scoring tables for U9-U17 athletes. It’s important to note that Berwick LAC has adopted a modified version of the Alberta Table for U6-U8 Athletes.

Additionally, we kindly request that participants refrain from comparing different age groups, especially if they have children participating in multiple age categories.