Parent Helpers

Who said the kids get to have all the fun!!
Parents play a vital role in the success of Little Athletics, and your volunteer efforts are essential for our smooth operation. We understand that joining Little Athletics can be a bit overwhelming, especially for newcomers. Rest assured, you don’t need any prior experience in athletics to contribute effectively.

For this season, we kindly request each family to participate in at least 6 volunteer duties throughout the season. These duties can take the form of either fixed roles as age group leaders for the entire season or weekly responsibilities, as outlined below:

Weekly Duties:

  1. Starter’s Marshall: Assemble athletes at the starting line for each track event.
  2. Finish Line Marshall: Handle barcode scanning and assist with time recording.
  3. Canteen: Serve food and refreshments in the Club Canteen.
  4. B.B.Q.: Assist with cooking on the BBQ.
  5. First Aid: Provide assistance in case of injuries (Level 2 first aid certification required).
  6. Data Entry: Assist with uploading results to the ResultsHQ website.
  7. Set Up: Help with the setup of the track (starting at 7:00 am).
  8. Pavilion Helper: Assist with uniform sales, register trialists, and address inquiries from new parents.
  9. Computer Operators: Record times and manage computer software.
  10. Race Starters: Race starters must complete a starters course.

Duty Sign-Up: Each week, you will receive an email with program details containing a link to sign up for duties. It’s a first-come, first-served system, so please aim to complete at least two duties before Christmas and consider assisting with your children’s age group a few times.

Age Group Leaders: We require two Age Group Leaders per age group, and you can work together or alternate. These roles are assigned at the start of the season and remain fixed for the entire duration.

Age Group Helpers: Within the required 6 duties, we encourage parents to assist in their children’s age groups. Getting involved in Little Athletics allows you to witness your child’s performance up close, understand the rules, and establish lifelong friendships with other families.

Each family must fulfil a minimum of 6 duties during the season, with at least 2 completed before the Christmas break. To participate in the Berwick championship day, you must have fulfilled 6 duties. For your child/ren to participate in championship day and receive awards or trophies at the presentation night, all parents must have completed 6 duties. Your involvement greatly contributes to the success and enjoyment of our Little Athletics program.